We work with Casetify on a regular basis and have already done several projects together, videos for campaigns, photos for releases, website, and Instagram.

We absolutely love their funky Casetify style and every collaboration we do is special and interesting.

Clear Case

We are excited to announce our new video project for the Casetify brand. The video also showcases range of Clear cases, which are designed to protect your device while still maintaining its cool and stylish appearance.

We filmed in the beautiful places of Ukraine and Spain. In Ukraine, we filmed in our studio and in the cafe. Moving on to Spain, we explored the streets of Barcelona, Marbella skatepark, and Barceloneta beach. We created a main video, short SMM reels videos, and photo content.

We hope that you’ll enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed filming it.

Main video


We also created short cuts videos for SMM advertising.

Photography services


We created photos and videos for the new MagSafe accessories

In each story, charmingly products look like a magnetic maestro. The result? A delightful dance of devices that left us all in stitches with its humor and charm.

The internet could not resist the allure of our videos, as they quickly garnered more than 1,000,000 views on Casetify’s official Instagram page.

Join us on this magical journey into the world of MagSafe, where Casetify’s accessories transform the ordinary into an extraordinary experience. Witness firsthand how our imaginative storytelling elevates the bond between you and your iPhone, making everyday moments truly enchanting.

Main Videos

Photography services

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