We create media content for Edifier for over 2 years now. Including product commercials, various short videos for social media and photography content that is utilized in their official website, mobile app, Instagram, Facebook and more. 

TWSNB2 Commercial

This video is created for the launch of the new generation of Edifier’s TWS NB with Hybrid Noise Cancellation Technology. It features environmental sound monitoring mode to keep you safe, comfortable ergonomics and incredible sound quality. We highlighted all of the product features through live scenarios.

W820 Commercial

It is first video of the series of Edifier’s “Immersing in the music world” videos.

The concept was to give more sense of calmness and nature. Inspired by Edifier’s ANC feature that blocks out external sounds and you dive into the world of your inner peace listening to a favorite song.

TWS330 Commercial

Continuing the “Immersing in the music world” series the TWS330 video aimed on younger target audience was panned to be more emotional, bright and have a bit of fun. Yet still follow the concept of connection with nature.

MP series social media promos

A set of short form content created for MC500 multifunctional mixer and MP500+ microphone. The products are versatile and unique at the same time. We made a set of vertical and horizontal 15sec videos together with photos for social media marketing campaign.

Photography services


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